Month: June 2014

Insight Summer Program for HS Students

 INSIGHT, our high school youth group, has begun the summer program and will continue on all Wednesdays evenings with the exception of July 2nd.  Meet [...]

Congratulations to Our Graduates

We congratulate all graduates this month--Our eighth graders from the school who graduated last Friday as well as students from the Middle Schools throughout [...]

Celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi with Us

Corpus Christi, the celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ, is the focus of this Sunday's liturgies. There is an old expression that "you are what you [...]

Free Spiritual Books

The book, Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly, is still available. Just come by the parish office. This book is now being studied for our [...]

Return to Me Series Cancelled

Series has been cancelled. We will try again in the coming months. If anyone has returned to their faith and would like to talk about it, please contact the [...]