The four weeks prior to Christmas, the Church enters into a very counter-cultural time when we slow down (at least try to), get quiet and reflective. We think about how Jesus comes into our lives as we prepare to celebrate the Incarnation. We think about how Jesus continues to knock on the doors of our hearts every day, asking to come in and dwell at a deeper level. We think about his promise to come again at the end of time. While everyone is scurrying about, singing Christmas carols and consuming, the community waits and watches in hopeful anticipation of something far greater than the can be imagined. Come, relax, and be still with us this Advent season, from December 3 – 24. You’ll be glad you did.

Take our 2017 Advent Challenge: 21 Peace Practices.
Make the next three weeks a time of praying for peace in our world.

4 Ways to participate:

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2. Click here to download a printable sheet: Advent Sheet

3. Follow along in the bulletin (starting Sunday Dec 10)

4. or receive daily texts on your phone:

  • Simple open a text message, type the number 84576 in the “To” box
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