Congratulations to Our New Deacon

Mike and Rosy 2

The parish is celebrates with Mike and Rosy Stock this weekend. Mike was ordained to the Diaconate on Saturday, October 17. He will assist at his first mass here at the 11:00 a.m.  Our prayers of joy and gratitude surround them and their family.

Message from Mike and Rosy

He who sings prays twice, that is what St. Augustine is often quoted as saying.
Rosy had always wanted to join the choir but due to time demands of our life and
raising a family, involvement in other ministries and activities it never worked out.
When we first started attending St. Edward the Confessor a little over 10 years
ago we decided to join the Saturday evening choir. That’s where we really started
to enjoy the blessings of our community here. It was an amazing time to join the
choir. Rosy has a beautiful voice – Rick really had to work with me; I think between
deciding if I was a bass or tenor I caused him a lot of grief! Of course he
and all our choirs are wonderful. We are sure they all blend perfectly with
heaven’s choirs of angels. We were joined on our choir Rome, Italy, trip by our
daughter Marisa who also has a beautiful voice and our son Mike Jr. who purportedly can’t carry a tune but was very helpful to us and many others by carrying luggage! Our singing career was ended prematurely when Rosy began working nights and we were called to national leadership in our Worldwide Marriage Encounter Ministry.
Rosy and I are a perfect blend of East, I was born and raised through college in a handful of eastern states, and West, Rosy is a California girl who lived here through college then traveled to Hawaii to serve with a Christian outreach group and decided to stay for a while. I was stationed in Hawaii with the Marines and we attended the same Masses at St. Anthony’s in Kailua. Our journey of 35 years as Mike & Rosy began. We have been very blessed with two amazing children, Marisa and Mike, who both work in ministries, and added to our family an equally remarkable sonin-law Dave who has the dubious distinction of whisking Marisa away from her job here at St. Edward as Youth Minister to live in Pasadena where they work together to serve God’s youth and raise two beautiful little girls. As our leadership term with Worldwide Marriage Encounter was coming to a close, Fr. Steve Sallot asked us to consider serving the church as a deacon couple. With the help of many and the Holy Spirit, we discerned about me serving as a deacon. As many of you know, deacons proclaim the Gospel, assist the Bishop and priests at Mass, preside over public prayer, administer Baptism, assist at and bless Marriages, bring Viaticum to the dying and conduct funeral rights. Deacons are involved in many social justice and charitable works and organizations. The role of Deacons in our church can be found in the Acts of the Apostles and early church teachings and history. Although the diaconate declined over time, the Second Vatican Council restored the permanent diaconate. There are currently about 125 active deacons serving in the Diocese of Orange.
Our formation journey has been taking place over about five years; Rosy and I have attended classes and completed the Diocese formation process together. We thank you for your support throughout the process. Although I will be the most visible person as the ordained deacon, my service and our service flows from our Sacrament of Marriage and our family life which God has used to feed us and form us as a couple to bring God’s love and justice to His world. We are thankful and feel honored and blessed that Bishop Vann has assigned us to St. Edward and are eager to serve you and see where God leads us in service here and in our Diocese. We are anxious to face the open seas, as Father Brendan our navigator recently mentioned, and will swab the decks and help hoist the sails on the voyage the Holy Spirit takes us. It is an incredible time to be Catholic with the recent visit of Pope Francis. His message urging us “to get involved, to become better angels, to become the people who God intends us to be” highlights family, service, love and compassion and is so aligned with the role of a deacon as well as our Parish goals of Stewardship, being a House of Prayer, and House of the Poor and parish Integration and Unity.We look forward to serving alongside you and we ask for your prayers for us and our family as we pray for you as well as your continued support and patience as we begin this new journey.