EASTER – Alleluia! We Welcome You!



An Easter message from Fr. Brendan Manson, Pastor/Administrator

Today we gather together with immense joy because, like those first disciples, we have come to believe that Jesus Christ has conquered death and restored us to life. Jesus’ resurrection turned spectators, doubters and cynics into believers. However, Christ invites each of us to move from a safe and static state of believing to a life-changing daily decision to be disciples and followers of Jesus. Whether you are a “cradle” Catholic, a CEO (Christmas and Easter Only Christian), convert or were just baptized at the Easter Vigil, discipleship is a daily journey of walking with Christ through prayer, worship and service to others.

Christians have gathered together on Sunday for two millennia to listen to the Word of God and celebrate the Eucharist. This gathering of Christians is called the Church and Pope Francis reminds us that Jesus and the Church are inseparable. The Church is a home for saints as well as a hospital for sinner. So, either way, you’ll fit right in. . . .  (link to the entire letter)

If you cannot be present or know someone who is confined, we invite you to watch the live broadcast on our Stedcast YouTube channel at 9:00 A.M. Easter Sunday.