FAM: Opportunity to Serve

ServeCome join us on a compelling new venture to offer those who yearn for a more fulfilling and dignified life.We are seeking 12 parish volunteers who are willing to serve twice a month for a 3-hour shift. It will be held at our San Felipe de Jesus Chapel midday every Friday. San Felipe was selected because it is more accessible via the OCTA bus lines, it is walking distance to some of our poorest neighborhoods and readily available to the homeless of our community. Commencing in January, FAM will provide orientation for those who want to be case managers and/or assist in distributing food and clothing. Based on the response we receive, we hope to begin serving “the least among us” by February. If this is something you would like to be a part of, or want more information, please email our program volunteer coordinator, Jane Galligani at janegalli@yahoo.com.
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