Christians celebrate the death of a fellow Christian with faith in the resurrection and a “sure and certain hope” that we will be united again when we shall see God face-to-face on the last day. While bidding farewell to those who have died and while praying for them and their loved ones, the rites associated with Christian funerals are also meant to be a great source of hope and comfort for all who participate, as all prepare to experience the mystery of death themselves. Through the liturgical rites for the dead, we enter the mystery of death and mystery of Christ’s victory over death. St. Edward the Confessor parish community wishes to minister to the family and loved ones of the one who has died, as well as to pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of the deceased. It is our hope that our Funeral Guidelines 12-2017  will be of assistance to anyone who is preparing for a Catholic funeral at St. Edward the Confessor parish.  To assist you with planning the music please see the    Funeral Music Planning Form.