Please read this carefully prior to completing the Outreach Request Form 

  1. If your organization or ministry is seeking donations, contributions, goods, monetary funding or volunteer time from the parish (church, chapel, school or parishioners) OR if you are requesting the use of any parish resources including: a table in front of church, meeting or event space, a pulpit announcement, or a banner or sign, please fully complete the Parish      Outreach Request Form .   The only exceptions will be requests by established parish ministries for room space to conduct routine meetings.
  2. Once the authorized representative of your organization or ministry has fully completed the Outreach Request Form, attach all the required information, and return the form and required information to the Parish Office.
  3. Outreach Requests will be reviewed by the Parish Outreach Council. The council, comprised of a cleric and 4 lay members of the parish, will review your request to determine if it meets the Parish goals and priorities.  The Parish Outreach Council will make recommendations accordingly to the Pastor.
  4. If your request is approved, you will be expected to submit a “follow-up” or “accountability” report within 4 months of receiving donations, contributions, goods, funding, or after completing the activity for which the request was made. The report should include 2-4 digital photographs (jpeg format) and a one-page summary detailing who benefited and how they benefited from the donations, contributions, services, or use of parish resources we provided.  Please keep your summary to a maximum for 500 words and submit it in a Microsoft Word document, an Acrobat reader .pdf file, or via email.   Please also include an accounting of any funds that were donated by our Parish or parishioners.
  5. If your request is declined, the Parish Outreach Council will provide the reason why your request could not be granted.
  6. The Parish Outreach Council meets on a regular basis and an as needed basis for the timely review of submitted requests.
  7. Your submitted Outreach Request Form will be kept on file in the Parish Office for 3 years whether your request has been approved or declined.
  8. If you have questions about the Outreach Request Form or procedure for submittal, you may email the Parish Outreach Council at

To  open the Outreach Request Form, click on Outreach Request Form    which is an  Adobe Acrobat .PDF file you can either fill in on your computer, or  you can print it and fill it in by hand. When you have a fully completed Outreach Request Form, attach all the required information, and return the form and required information to the Parish Office or email it to

Click on   Outreach Request Procedure    or a copy of the above information