Prayer Cards for Everyone


Please take a prayer card (available in the pews) and join with us as we pray to become a House of Prayer and House of the Poor:

Beloved Jesus,

Teach us how to pray.

Help us to find you in words and in silence.

Increase our awareness of your beautiful presence

so that all we say and do are centered on you.

Help us to unbolt the doors of our hearts

and throw them open wide

like the disciples did at Pentecost.

Gift us with the courage

to burst out of our narrow confines,

ablaze with new fire and courage.

Fill us with the desire

to graciously reach out, as you did,

to embrace the poor and down-trodden among us.

Teach us how to define family in a way

that is ever-more compassionate and undiscriminating.

Give us the desire to welcome the stranger and be not afraid.

Transform us to become your

House of Prayer, House of the Poor