One of the reasons we receive many wedding requests is that our church is beautiful with a stunning sanctuary and a panoramic ocean view. Very little, if anything, is needed to enhance its beauty or “decorate” it.

Please advise your florist and anyone involved in planning your wedding of our guidelines and request their cooperation in following them. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your wedding coordinator.


Guidelines for St. Edward the Confessor Church and San Felipe de Jesús Chapel:

  • Only two floral arrangements are allowed in the church and chapel and both must be placed on pedestals or stands in the sanctuary behind the altar. Your florist must provide the pedestals/stands in the chapel, however if your wedding is in our church you may use our pedestals in the sanctuary for your two floral displays.  Our pedestals may not be moved to avoid the risk of damage to them, however your florist may temporarily move our flowers to a location directed by your wedding coordinator.
  • No flowers or arrangements are allowed in the center aisle, the vestibule, or the pews.
  • No candles may be used in the floral arrangements.
  • Bows, ribbons, garland and flowers are not allowed on the pews.
  • We do not allow anything on top, in front, or to the side of the altar.
  • Flowers should not be delivered more than one hour prior to the wedding to avoid disrupting an earlier event in the church.
  • Please arrange to have your flowers removed immediately following your wedding.

Due to the safety hazard they create, we prohibit the following items inside and outside our church and chapel:

  • Aisle runners
  • Rice, flower petals, birdseed, confetti, and bubbles. Please advise your guests not to throw or use these or similar items.

On your wedding day there may be decorations (flowers, banners, candles or thematic sculptures) in the church tied to the liturgical season, such as lilies at Easter or a nativity scene at Christmas. Please do not move, remove, cover or tamper with these decorations. Your wedding coordinator can advise you, in advance, on what decorations may be in the church at the time of your wedding.