Fill out the information in the form beginning with the type of wedding service you would prefer. After completing the necessary contact information, listen to the songs in the drop-down list. As you are listening, consider the following:

Which singer or singers you want to sing at your wedding? You have many options and combinations. Some people choose to have a male and female vocalist. Some want a choral sound and choose a vocal quartet. Each singer can sing any of the songs listed. You can find our musicians’ contact information listed below or by going to our parish website home page and select “Parish,” “Music At Our Parish,” “Musician Contact List” .
What kind of instrumentation you would like? Many options in any combination are available including organ, piano, guitar, violin, string quartet and trumpet.

The Musician’s fees are as follows:

    • Rick Dellefield Director/Organist/Pianist: $225
    • Cantors/Singers: $175
    • Guitarist: $175
    • Trumpeter: $175
    • Violinist: $175
    • Mariachi: $350
    • String Quartet: $725

Musician Contact Information:

Music Director/Organist/Pianist
Rick Dellefield –

Chris Maze –
Caitlin Malec –

Tim Horrigan –

Violin/String Quartet
Yang Li Bartolotti –

Tim Hall –

Complete the form by selecting the appropriate song or musician selection making sure not to repeat songs. After submitting your information you will be contacted by the Music Director to confirm your wedding music choices. Please CC the Music Director, Rick Dellefield on your emails to the singers/musicians when contacting them to book them for your wedding.