A Catholic wedding is a sacred time in which the couple unites their love with the love of God. The church is a sacred place and nothing done in the church or chapel should ever violate the sacredness of the wedding or detract from the ceremony.

We request that you personally review our guidelines with your photographer and videographer when they are retained and request their strict adherence to all the guidelines listed below to avoid incidents that may disrupt your wedding.   If there are any questions about these guidelines, please discuss them in advance with your wedding coordinator.

Guidelines for St. Edward the Confessor Church and San Felipe de Jesús Chapel:

  • Action photos or video may be taken during the entire ceremony, however flash photography and video spotlights are prohibited.
  • During the ceremony the photographer and videographer are not allowed in the center aisle, the sanctuary, and the area between the sanctuary and the front pews.
  • The videographer must remain stationary during the ceremony and may stand either in the balcony (in the church) or the far right or left sides of the church/chapel.
  • The photographer may utilize the side aisles, the rear of the church behind the pews, and the balcony (in the church).
  • To avoid disrupting the ceremony, we recommend that your photographer limit his movement to times of transition– that is when the wedding party moves—and remain stationary at all other times.
  • Posed (formal) photos may not be taken inside the church. Posed photos may be taken before and after the wedding anywhere on the premises outside of the church.
  • If in doubt, all questions are to be referred to your wedding coordinator or the priest officiating at the wedding.

Note for the bride and groom –  If you are providing a wedding program for your guests, we suggest you include the following:  “We request that our guests respect the sacredness of the church and the wedding ceremony by turning off their cell phones and refraining from using flash photography.”