The mystery of confirmation is the mystery of Pentecost, the mystery of the presence of God’s life-giving Spirit empowering Christians to witness to Christ. It is the mystery of being able to call upon God as Jesus did, using the intimate, endearing word: “Abba, Father” (GAL 4:6, ROM 8:15).

Confirmation is a celebration of divine faithfulness and intimacy with every Christian, an intimacy that is a gift of the risen Lord, an intimacy that empowers us to witness to Christ and to pray to the Father through him. It is a celebration of the mystery of Divine Love, the bond of unity between the Father and the Son. This enables us to be full members of God’s household and partakers in the eucharistic banquet whether we are eight, eighteen, or eighty years old.  As with every great mystery, confirmation is a shining glimmer of the ultimate mystery of Christ and his Church.


Students in High School may begin the process of confirmation as early as 9th Grade. Refer to Youth Ministry Confirmation for more information.


Adults who have never been confirmed are invited to join our adult formation program in preparation for reception of the sacrament in the Spring.  To make an appointment, contact the Office of Faith Formation at (949) 496-6011.