We are forming small groups at our parish and invite you to consider joining or leading one.

Why should I join a small group?

Sometimes it is hard to feel connected in a church of 6500 registered families. It can feel downright lonely. Yet, Catholicism is all about community. We believe that each person matters and has something to contribute and share. We want everyone to feel at home at St. Edward the Confessor. That is why we encourage you to join a small group.

What Is A Small Group and What Do They Do?

A small group consists of three or more people who gather at a chosen time in a home, workplace,  other designated place, or online.  A small group  comes together to talk about God and faith and Some groups study Scripture or watch and discuss a video series. Other groups do service projects together. IT’S UP TO THE SMALL GROUP TO DECIDE what to do at each meeting. The main purpose is to form companionship on the spiritual journey so that no one feels alone.

Who Can Join a Small Group? 

Any adults, any age – singles, married people (with children or without children), co-workers, neighbors, friends – can join a small group.  You can choose a multi-generational group or a group specifically your age.

Ready? Find a group that fits you or start one of your own.

Start A Small Group

We need people who are willing to start small groups and host them. This simply means that you are the designated organizer/facilitator. The best part of starting a small group is that you get to choose when you meet, the location, and what you would like the group to do.  WE WILL TRAIN YOU TO BE A FACILITATOR. IT IS EASY AND NOT TIME-CONSUMING.

The parish will match people to what your group does, when it meets, and where. OR you can invite people to join your group and form it yourself. Whatever works for you.

Do you think you want to start a small group or need more information? Please email Liz Iorio in the Faith Formation Office: or fill out this form to sign up: 

Small Faith Sharing Groups Sign-Up